Important Facts About Cervical Cancer

Believing things that are not necessarily true can make you careless in being aware of the true dangers of cervical cancer. Have you been married for more than three years or have sex and have never had a pap smear? Some women believe in information that is not necessarily true and delay checking themselves to detect the potential presence of cervical cancer. The following are the myths that circulate, as well as the facts that set it right, about the cancer located in the cervix. Myth 1: Cervical cancer cannot be prevented. Fact: Although not 100 percent protective, human papilloma or HPV virus infections can be prevented by the HPV vaccine. In addition, regular pap smears can cause abnormal cells to be detected early and treated before they become cancer cells. Avoiding certain actions such as having sex at an early age, changing sexual partners, and smoking can also reduce the risk of cervical cancer. Myth 2: If you have been detected as having HPV, you must be suffering from
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